Tree Selection Tools

Virginia Tech's Virginia Urban Street Tree Selector: 7 selection criteria and 74 candidate species, focused specifically on urban street trees.

Urban Forest Ecosystem Institute's SelecTree: an interactive program designed to match specific tree species to particular sites based on compatible characteristics. SelecTree presently searches a database of 1,481 candidate species and provides 49 selection criteria to choose from.

Rutgers and University of Florida's Northern Tree Selector: this tool provedes 50 selection criteria and seaches 976 candidate species. It is for the northeast US, zones 2-7.

The University of Illinois Extension's Selecting Trees for Your Home: 9 selection criteria and 121 candidate species.

Utah State University's Tree Browser: browse 242 trees by 21 characteristics including growth, ornamental traits, and tolerances.

Cornell University's Woody Plants Database comprises 410 native and non-native species that can be searched based on seven ornamental and environmental characteristics. Includes photos, an audio description of the tree, and information about the common cultivars.

Virginia Tech Extension Publications:

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Selecting Landscape Plants: Flowering Trees

Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees

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