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Additional Resources

The Bounty of the Urban Forest: The Uses and Values of Urban Non-Timber Forest Products
A case study about gleaning of the urban forest in Baltimore.

Utilizing Urban Forests for Fruit Production
This report from Dovetail Partners, Inc. seeks to showcase organizations around the U.S. that promote urban fruit tree production, inform readers of urban fruit tree possibilities and benefits, and develop a greater awareness among city dwellers about an existing, underutilized resource that our country’s urban forests can provide.

Gather it! How to Organize an Urban Fruit Harvest
A guide to organizing an urban fruit harvest.

Urban Food Forestry 
A website compiling information and resources about Urban Food Forestry.  It provides a fairly comprehensive list of urban fruit gleaning groups.

USDA Support of Gleaning
This document from the USDA is a guide to starting a gleaning program.

Casey Trees Urban Fruit Guide
Guide to planting and maintaining fruit and nut trees including information on managing soil fertility, pruning, and pests and diseases.