Current projects include research and technical assistance we are performing on a range of topics relevant to the policy and management of urban forests.

+ Soil Rehabilitation

Urbanization degrades and compacts soils. We quantify the effects of soil rehabilitation through Soil Profile Rebuilding on ecosystem services and tree growth. Learn more.

+ Urban Forestry 2020

Surveys and focus groups to understand perceptions of the urban forestry profession to move urban forestry forward through a consensus-building process among regional organizations and stakeholders. Learn more.

+ Soil Management for Stormwater Interception

Urban soil hydraulic conductivity can be greatly enhanced through Soil Profile Rebuilding (SPR). We focus on how SPR and soil surface treatments such as mulches affect stormwater runoff.

+ Urban Tree Canopy Assessment and Planning

In cooperation with Virginia Dept. of Forestry, Virginia Tech is assisting communities with measuring and analyzing their urban tree canopy and writing plans to implement their tree canopy coverage goals. Learn more.

+ Trees and Low Impact Development

Trees are great for stormwater management, yet conflicts between low impact development techniques, such as bioretention areas, and trees are common. This study examines the sources of these conflicts. Learn more.

+ Tree Shade and Energy Conservation

Trees help conserve energy by casting shade upon air-conditioned buildings. We are using computer simulations of tree shade to determine the best place to plant a tree so that homes stay cool, comfortable, and energy efficient. Learn more.

+ Urban Forest Waste Utilization

Where does all that brush, chips, and wood go? Our aim is identify opportunities to reduce urban forest waste and create value in urban forest products in Virginia. Learn more.

+ Tree Planting Equity

We seek to address programmatic strategies to increase tree canopy in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods. Learn more.