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In partnership with Virginia Department of Forestry, researchers at Virginia Tech are undertaking an unprecedented study of trees and forests in the City of Falls Church during summer 2011.  The purpose of this study is to better understand the health, composition, and function of these valuable natural resources to improve their protection, management, and utilization.

During summer 2011, Virginia Tech researchers will be measuring trees on numerous properties throughout the city.  This procedure will entail measuring the height and girth of individual trees and their distance to nearby buildings.  Using field data collected from the sample plots, researchers will then estimate the abundance, composition, and condition of the City of Falls Church’s urban trees using a software program called i-Tree Eco.

The results of this study will help the City of Falls Church's municipal staff better plan and manage the city's trees and forests, creating a safe, healthy, and pleasant landscape for citizens and visitors.

Tree Measurement

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