Tools are products that we have developed to help citizens and resource professionals make science-based decisions about trees in their communities.

Type ? Title Description
Specification Soil Profile Rebuilding Specification Download specifications for rehabilitating compacted “land development” soil. Website.
Manual Stormwater Management: using trees and structural soils to improve water quality A manual based on our research with trees and structural soils. Website.
Online Map Edible Fruits and Nuts on Virginia Tech Campus Map of fruit and nut trees on the VT campus
Education Emerald Ash Borer Monitoring and Management EAB online course and ibook
Education Trees for Energy Conservation Articles and FAQs about using trees to conserve household heating and cooling energy
Online Database Tree Canopy Spread and Coverage in Urban Landscapes Database of projected tree canopy spread
Education Utility Friendly Trees Tips on how to avoid tree conflicts with overhead utility lines
Education Utility Line Arboretum at Hahn Horticulture Garden Website featuring utility friendly trees
Online Database Virginia Street Tree Selector Tree selection tool based on site factors
Online Map Virginia Tech Campus Tree Inventory Map of VT campus trees
Online Database Virginia Tree Ordinance Database Database of municipal ordinances in VA
Online Database Virginia UTC Project Urban tree canopy analysis for 26 Virginia localities

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The Emerald Ash Borer is now considered the most destructive forest pest ever seen in North America. Learn more about it though our iBook or online modules.

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