A large tree close to a house casts more shade onto the structure and thus has more impact on energy consumption. Photo taken by Won Hoi Hwang.
  • Trees can help save cooling and heating energy consumption by shading homes in summer and by blocking winds in winter.
  • Trends in residential construction tend toward larger homes on smaller parcels and thus there is limited space for tree planting. Also, because modern homes have automated climate control, homebuilders and homeowners may not be aware of the profound effects that tree can have on energy consumption. As a result, trees are often planted in less ideal locations for energy conservation.
  • Our research aims to clarify the impact of trees on cooling and heating energy consumption and offer guidance to homeowners on how to properly select and place trees around their properties.

Smaller residential parcels often limit homeowners planting a shade tree at an optimal place for energy conservation Photo taken from an airplane by Won Hoi Hwang.